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 In the late sixties, Rudy Hopkins bought the future home of Crafts People from his grandmother who had run for many years a small Catskill Mt resort (Shady Lawn Cottages). Interested in working with kids, he opened a camp for teenagers (Green Fields) with an emphasis on art in order to supplement his public school teaching salary. As fate would have it, he attended one of the clay classes at camp and recognized that this was something he wished to pursue.




Mary Elwyn and Rudy Hopkins



His lust for clay continued and finally expanded into an intense interest in crafts. Folks making items with their hands, outside of corporate amerika, intensified his interest.

As a single parent of three children, he decided he must close the camp...and Crafts People was born. On the porch of the main house, Rudy exhibited his pots and plants in an attempt to create a small shop.




And then he met Mary. Mary Elwyn was a local painter and metalsmith who became his life partner. Together they raised their five children and gradually expanded Crafts People. They also ran a homestead (i.e. wood fires, vegetable garden, farm animals), an alternative school for teenagers ("Our School"), and developed their skills in craft. Mary wholesaled her metal work through the American Craft Council shows and the Buyer's Market of American Craft. She received numerous awards including Niche awards for several consecutive years.




Rudy enjoyed keeping the shop well supplied with pots, mentoring young artisans how to market their work, and conducting the business end of Crafts People.



It has been a rewarding experience. We now have a complex of craft buildings that represent the best in American craft.Our studio is in the back of the property, the old "main house" is our home, and the remaining 4 buildings is our retail store.
Our staff is comprised of our friends and neighbors, all committed to our effort, many of them artisans themselves.