Crafts People - Consignment Contract 2018

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All consigned work must be original in design and made by the consignee. No decorated commercially- made items or items using religious symbols will be accepted.
The craftsperson establishes retail prices. In the event of sale the craftsperson will receive 60% of the selling price. Crafts People issues checks within 45 days of sale. No telephone calls or e-mail to inquire about sales or inventory will be accepted. Retail prices established by the craftsperson may not be changed. We encourage the craftsperson to offer the best possible price at time of delivery. The craftsperson agrees not to sell or consign items elsewhere for less than the retail price established at Crafts People. No display tags or labels should be attached including the artist's contact information.
The craftsperson is responsible for keeping records of his inventory and sales payments. Checks for consignment payments will indicate the selling price only of each item; no item description will be included, i.e. $25.00 plus $25.00 = $50.00 x 60% = $30.00
Pick-up and delivery must occur during advertised shop hours from April 13, 2018 through November 5, 2018. NO CONSIGNMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER NOVEMBER 5, 2018. All deliveries must be accompanied by a fully completed Crafts People Consignment List showing a clear description and retail price of each item. A fully completed Consignment Contract must accompany the first delivery each year. (Consignment lists and contracts are available on our website under the "Consignment" heading. The craftsperson should make copies for his records as Crafts People cannot offer to provide a history for each consignee).
The total retail value of a consignee's work may not exceed $1000. Artists who place items in more than one building must adhere to the total limit of $1000.
Crafts People is fully responsible for the consignment value of a consignee's work due to fire, theft or loss.
If you are interested in placing your handcrafts in our gallery, please send or e-mail some photos including descriptions and retail prices. We will contact you should we feel that your work would be a nice contribution to Crafts People.
Items may be delivered in person anytime during advertised hours from April 13 through Nov. 5, 2018.  For those who live at a distance, work may be sent via USPS/UPS/FEDEX to arrive no later than Nov. 5, 2018.  We ask that new consignors bring their crafts to either Building #1 or Building #2 at the top of the drive. We will direct them to the building where their craft will be on exhibit.
All unsold work MUST be picked up during shop hours up to and including Jan. 21, 2019. Any work not picked up by our closing date of Jan.21, 2019 will become the property of Crafts People and will be donated. For those who live at a distance and cannot personally pick up their work. arrangements can be made by contacting us the first week of January 2019 to request returns by mail.
Jewelry must be packed in individual bags or envelopes with retail price marked on each. These bags should be delivered in one disposable bag or box with a fully completed consignment list. Jewelry deliveries will be limited to 24 pieces or less with any combination of earrings, bracelets, pins, necklaces, etc. As items are sold, the consignor may add new pieces staying within the 24-piece limit. Jewelry incorporating commercial components, charms, plastic beads & plastic components will not be accepted. All jewelry components must be fabricated by the consignee, with the exception of glass, stone & metal beads and findings (clasps,earwires, etc.).
Craft items such as pottery,glass,wood, etc. must be delivered packed in a disposable carton accompanied by a fully completed consignment list. Each piece must be marked with the retail price(masking tape is acceptable).
Crafts People will price with shop tags.
Cards and paper crafts must be delivered in cellophane or plastic sleeves for protection.
Shrink-wrapped artwork may be delivered anytime during our advertised hours from April 13, 2018 through November 5, 2018. No consignment will be accepted after Nov. 5, 2018.
Framed artwork will be accepted on the following weeks only:
April      13-16   delivery of new work/pick-up of any artwork left previously
June       22-25   pick-up April Show/ deliver new work
August   24-27   pick-up June Show/ deliver new work
October  26-29   pick-up August Show/ deliver new work
Each artist may deliver two pieces of framed artwork at a time.
All framed artwork must have a picture wire attached for hanging.
Any flatwork in our possession must be picked up on the following delivery/pick-up date whether or not another delivery is being made.
                                                  JANUARY 21, 2019
Should your records not agree with ours, please contact us as soon as possible. Crafts People will not be responsible for rectifying records after February 11, 2019.
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